We find ourselves in the last days of another year. We had a very busy season at our lodge at Whale Pass. The year started off with a very mild winter and summer weather came early with temperatures reaching in the 70’s in May. We started our season with some construction projects and black bear hunts in May. The first of our Summer Silvers showed up in the bay in front of the lodge right on schedule on June 15th. It was, however, an overall down year for Silvers all over Southeast Alaska. We had some days of very good Silver fishing but some days of not so good fishing as well. The number of the Neck Lake Outlet Silvers returning this year was the lowest we have ever seen. Last time we had a down year like this, the following year was a record run. So we will hope history repeats itself and that 2017 is a banner year. Guests caught a lot of Sockeye in July and Pinks in August. The fall Silver runs on the Island saw the least fish that old timers could ever remember. We heard the same sentiments about the fall run from all over Alaska. Bottom fishing was overall very good all summer however. We caught halibut from early May right up through the middle of September. The quality and number of Sitka Blacktail Deer seen and taken this year was above normal both early and during the rut hunt. We appreciate all the guests who chose our lodge for their visit to Alaska. We had a lot of repeat guests in 2016 as well as first time ones. We enjoyed renewing friendships and creating new ones. As the calendar turns to another new year we wish a truly Happy New Year to all our family and friends!