Basing your hunt out of our lodge means a great breakfast to start your day and there will be a nice meal, hot shower, and comfortable bed waiting for you after your day of hunting.

Plenty of Options

In addition to hunting you will have opportunities to add fishing to your hunting trip. On a spring black bear hunt you can also fish for halibut, troll for king salmon, or fish the spring steelhead run in our streams. In the fall there is the opportunity to hunt black bears, hunt Sitka blacktail deer, and fish the fall silver salmon run all at the same time! Our hunting packages provide skiffs and vehicles for your hunting needs.

Black Bear

If you want a trophy black bear Prince of Wales is your destination. The hunting records show more trophy bears taken in our area than anywhere else in North America. There is both a spring and fall bear hunt. Under the current system, self-guided nonresident hunters must apply for permits starting in November with a deadline in December. Hunters should plan well in advance and contact the Alaska Department of Fish and Game or visit their website for current information. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have. Alaskan residents do not need to apply for permits as they can buy a black bear permit over the counter.

During the spring our self-guided hunters have access to a vehicle as well as a skiff to glass and hunt the many miles of shoreline for feeding bears. Skiffs are also an option for hunting black bears in the fall but most hunters prefer to use a vehicle to access logging roads to “spot and stalk” black bears in the clear cuts or look for bear along the salmon streams. Per Alaska law, on a self-guided hunting trip we are unable to provide information regarding where to hunt. However quality hunting spots are relatively easy to locate, and due to the large black bear population, you’re going to see bears.

Sitka Blacktail Deer

Prince of Wales and the north end of the Island’s Whale Pass area offers exceptional Sitka blacktail deer hunting. “Spot and stalk” is the most common method of hunting these deer but calling is also effective. In September many hunters seek deer along the grassy edges of bays, still hunt in the dense forests, or seek out the bucks in the open alpine areas.

Late October and November is the rut season. During the rut hunt it is common to look for bucks on the move in clear cuts, muskeg openings, or along logging roads. Sitka blacktail deer respond to fawn distress or predator calls, and especially during the rut phase. Our self-guided hunters have access to a vehicle to reach the areas they want to hunt. Whichever time fits your schedule and preference we can help you have an enjoyable self-guided hunt.

Alaska law prohibits us from providing self-guided deer hunters information on where to hunt. However, locating areas is relatively easy with the detailed maps that are available.


Alaska carries over 12 million migratory ducks and geese annually. Hunting waterfowl from Eagle Lodge promises to be as unique as the birds themselves. Waterfowlers who travel to Eagle Lodge will experience large bag limits on a wide variety of species. Hunting styles range from jump or pass shooting puddle ducks on the rivers to hunting over long lines in the open water. You will have a chance at common ducks, a wide variety of sea ducks, and geese. Prince of Wales waterfowl hunting from Eagle Lodge is an unforgettable experience.

Sea Duck Hunting – Potential for Golden Eye (Common and Barrows), Merganser, Bufflehead, Harlequins, Old Squaws (Longtail Duck), Surf, Common and Whitewing Scoters.

Puddle Duck & Goose Hunting – Potential for Mallards, Wigeon, Pintail, Green Wing Teal, along with Canada Geese and White Fronted Geese.