Prince of Wales Experience

In our opinion, the true Alaskan experience includes catching fish, but that’s only part of what the total experience should include. At Prince of Wales Eagle Lodge you’ll have abundant opportunities to experience true Alaska. Here are some additional activities you can pursue while staying with us!

Wildlife Galore

Bald Eagles

They are everywhere, thus the name of our lodge. Viewing them soaring in the skies, perched in the trees, or feeding on fish carcasses is a spectacular site. You need to view our lodge video to appreciate how many eagles visit Prince of Wales Eagle Lodge during the year.

Marine Life

The area surrounding Whale Pass is abundant with marine life. The waters abound with whales, seals, sea lions, and otters. Humpback and orca whales frequent the area. From our boats you can observe these amazing giants as they feed in the nearby waters.

Forest Wildlife

Black bear frequent the area streams and can be viewed regularly from a safe distance. There is a healthy population of Sitka black tail deer that frequent the roads and trails. There are also wolves and elk in the area and are seen on occasion.



We will provide you a crab pot for crabbing if you would like to try it out.


The Tongass National Forest is well known for its extensive cave systems. In nearby El Capitan there is guided tours of one of these cave systems.


There are numerous trails in the immediate area to be explored and enjoyed. Beaver Fall’s boardwalk and interpretive trail meanders through old growth forest and past cavernous sink holes and is an easy hike.

Sight-Seeing & Berry Picking

There is an endless number of beautiful lakes, bays, streams, and mountain vistas to be enjoyed in the northern rain forests of Southeast Alaska’s Prince of Wales Island. Nothing tastes better than taking a few minutes from the views to pick some of the plentiful wild berries.